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[ o f s k y e m p i r e s ]

jusrecht's writing community

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    Welcome to ofskyempires, jusrecht's writing community. As of September 2010, this is where I will dump my works, which mostly consist of fanfics, fanfics, and more fanfics in their varied forms such as drabbles, one-shots, or multi-chaptered works that will probably eat your patience because they are too long (and too slow). There will be graphics posts from time to time, but mostly the contents are going to be fics.

    Some will be crossposted to other relevant communities, but the rest (some drabbles and maybe fics that for whatever reason I feel too personal) will be posted only in here. However, anyone is welcome to join and/or watch this community if they want to :D!

    Anyway, enjoy your stay! ♥

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